Cheezus delivers high quality, great tasting "Sandwiches Inspired By The Love Of Cheese" in the Los Angeles area - approachable yet sophisticated, classic yet adventurous, bold offerings that are cravable enough to come experience. Every step in the creation of the sandwich starts with selecting the finest ingredients and then crafting a special combination of flavors that assaults the senses & piques curiosity. Now have expanded to Raclette! What's next...

Cheezus works with peeps that provide ingredients that are the best quality, high value from environmentally responsible and sustainable sources as best as possible. We focus on foods that are minimally processed, free from additives, chemicals, or artificial ingredients. We support local farmers, bakers and producers; organic, grass-fed, certified humane, pasture raised meat, sustainable seafood choices, pastured raised locally farmed eggs, organic & seasonal produce, all to the best of our ability.



Stop accepting food without question. Assess the real health & environmental costs that come with current eating habits.

See the positive effects of making responsible food choices. Eating more locally & sustainably. Ensuring ethical treatment of the animals we eat.

Change comes first from the people, controlling what and how we eat, where and how it's grown or raised.

New way of thinking about food will heal the land and taste good too. Let’s restore food to its rightful place for our bodies, our ecologies and economies.

We wake up every Sunday and cook the sandwiches with the best ingredients we can get. We are sourcing our ingredients at the same markets that many high end restaurants are here in Los Angeles.

Delicious meal more affordably --- Good eating > Bad eating